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Modul Sekolah Rendah Inspirasi Bahasa Inggeris YaPEIM


Modul Sekolah Rendah Inspirasi Bahasa Inggeris YaPEIM, inspired by Datuk Dr Amin Senin, the Education Director-General, Ministry of Education is designed to cater for the low achievers. Based on the previous national exam results, statistics showed that there were still a large number of pupils who were unable to acquire the basic skills in the English Language.

This Modul Sekolah Rendah Inspirasi Bahasa Inggeris YaPEIM which is aligned with The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools aims to equip pupils with the basic language skills enabling them to communicate
effectively in a variety of contexts that is appropriate to the pupils’ level of development. It is highly recommended that teachers plan the lesson based on the six principles of KSSR: Back to Basics, Fun Learning, Learner Centredness, Integration of salient new technologies,
Assessment for learning and Character Building.

The activities are designed to enable the low achievers to acquire the basic skills of the
English Language. This module covers the Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading and Writing Skills which are the essential basic skills to be acquired by the primary school pupils.
This module is a collection of some suggested activities and method carried out by
excellent teachers around the nation. It caters to the low achievers and intermediate pupils.

It may not be the best method but it has been proven applicable and effective for the targeted group of pupils in some schools. Feel free to adapt and adopt the activities to suit the pupils’ proficiency level.


Examples of activities contained in this Modul Sekolah Rendah Inspirasi Bahasa Inggeris YaPEIM


It is suggested that for the low achievers, pupils should be given the opportunity to be engaged with the language as much as possible. One of the suggestions is to exploit the use of the same content or material for the 4 skills. The aim is to enable pupils to look at the words, use them in different contexts, understand the words and be able to comprehend meaning. Teachers are recommended to integrate Fun Learning elements in their lessons such as integration of new technologies i.e Padlet, VLE-Frog and Language Games to arouse pupils’ interests. Teachers may include the use of various 21st Century Learning activities and thinking tools such as the i-Think maps.

Example :

(English Year 5 Textbook, page 3)

The same stimulus can be used in Listening & Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar. Teacher introduces the activities by pointing to the picture, saying aloud and carrying out the activities during the lesson.

Week 1 (Production Stage)

Listening & Speaking : carry out information gap activities about the games (co-operative learning)
Reading : reading musical chair (language game)
Writing : pupils practice writing simple sentences to form a story (flow map)
Grammar : grammar in context from previous sentenecs (VLE-frog)